“Read The Magic of We, and your heart will expand with joy.” — Juan Alderete de la Peña, The Mars Volta

“Have you ever met the missing piece to your puzzle? The Magic of We will reaffirm your faith in love.” — Cedric Bixler-Zavala, The Mars Volta and At the Drive-In

The Magic of We, a children’s picture book by Danielle Anderson-Craig and illustrated by her friend and fellow teacher, Carly Dooling — they teach at the same school! — is a tender tale of blossoming friendship in which two children meet and are transported into a world where the ordinary becomes fantastic and the known becomes surreal as their shared experience creates unlimited imagination and play, creating a magical place that both kids and parents will recognize from their own adventures of finding a kindred spirit. The refrain “Being with you…” reverberates throughout the pages of detailed imagery, lush with color and imagination. The Magic of We is not only for kids, but adults, too — especially music lovers. Exclusive music is featured from Grammy-winning musician Ikey Owens’ solo work. The first book for both Anderson-Craig and Dooling, The Magic of We combines the magic of music and the music of words to describe the amazing feeling of finding someone who “fits” you.

A heartfelt children’s tale describing the beauty of friendship. Includes unreleased music from Grammy-winning musician Ikey Owens.