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Pictures From Elephant

David Swanson


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In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of The White Stripes’ pivotal album Elephant, the images from the recording of the album, photographed by David Swanson, are seeing the light of day. With the wonderful Toe-Rag Studio in London as the setting, this peek into The White Stripes’ recording process is both revelatory and intimate. With only three of the 50 plus images having ever been published before, such a cache of striking images only furthers to cement the depth and breadth of the Third Man Vault, from which they came. These photos help to contextualize Elephant, the surroundings it sprung from, the resultant whirlwind it created, and all the chaos inbetween.

About the Author(s):

  • DAVID JAMES SWANSON is an American Photographer, born in Washington, D.C. a Pisces in 1981.


    At 16, Swanson picked up his first camera, shooting 35mm film.  He learned the black and white darkroom process while attending Grand Rapids Community College.  David James worked as a Photo Lab Technician for 2 years, before going on to work as a commercial photographer in New York City.


    Swanson has photographed a wide variety of subjects over the years including musicians, fashion, advertising, sporting events, portraits, head shots and weddings. Recently, Swanson spent a year touring with Jack White, documenting his 2014 Lazaretto Tour.


    In addition to photography Swanson is a musician.  His band Whirlwind Heat has toured the world many times over, in addition to over a dozen published works.


    Swanson has also directed and camera operated on many commercials, music videos and documentary movies.