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Life Is A Rip-Off: The Zine Part One

John Olson


Music Criticism

Street Date: 01/08/2016

Life is a Rip Off Part One is a collection of record reviews by the one, the only, thee John “Inzane" Olson aka Inzane Johnny aka American Tapes aka 1/3 of the band Wolf EyesPart One is the first three month installment of Life is a Rip Off: The Complete Book. Handmade at TMR and limited edition, LRIP Part 1 is written in Olson's inimitable slash 'n' dash slanguage: anecdotal, immediate, reasonable and totally baller. How does the disturbing-on-many-levels movie Human Centipede compare to the broken blues of Big Bill Broonzy? Or why (or why not) should the demo tape from SMOKE COKE, "the mysterious Illinois underground troupe with some seriously illogical basement moves," be in your collection, too? Or, dammit, why do we all love music!! Check out LRIP1 to re-discover your love for an old favorite, or maybe to discover a new group that could earn the right to become a new old favorite. Ninety-six pages and assembled in Nashville at TMR HQ, LRIP1 is more zine than book and will be limited to an edition of 250 and available only from Third Man.

About the Author(s):

  • John Olson joined the seminal noise, trip-metal band Wolf Eyes in 2000. Wolf Eyes has toured and/or worked with musicians such as Sonic Youth and Anthony Braxton. In 2015, Wolf Eyes released the full length I AM A PROBLEM: MIND IN PIECES on Third Man Records. Life is a Rip Off: The Complete Book is Olson's first book.



    Henry Rollins: Born in 1961 in Washington, D.C., Henry Rollins was barely out of his teens when he joined the legendary punk band Black Flag. He won a Grammy Award for best spoken word album in 1994 for his recording of his memoir, Get In the Van.

    Ben Hell Hall: Sculptor and composer Ben Hall creates installations incorporating durational performances, existing objects and indeterminacy. Hall has written for The Wire and BOMB and has performed at INSTAL in Glasgow, Scotland; the Museum of Modern Art in New York City; and kunstenentrum BELGIE in Belgium.

    Bryan Ramirez is a certified Forester in the great state of Montana and an experimental, jazz, noise musician. He has played in several collaborations and groups including Ex-Cocaine and Poor School. He also runs the Killertree Records label.

    Tovah Olson has created something approximating music with Dead Machines, Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice and various other projects. She co-founded the Polyamory record label and runs Tovinator. She's a digital news director and inzane mom living in the middle of Michigan.