• When the World Wounds TMB012 ISBN 978-0-9913361-5-9




    "Transformative, wise and vivid with the quality of fantasy and fable."
    Sheree Renée Thomas, editor Dark Matter

    "Kiini Ibura Salaam’s short stories (and the characters who inhabit them) are vital, fantastic in all senses of the word, audacious and tender."
    Kelly Link, author of Get In Trouble and Stranger Things Happen

    Excited is not the right word, maybe it's ecstatic, or maybe it's an otherworldy word that we have yet to experience, but might discover while exploring all the worlds and beings in Kiini Ibura Salaam's collection of speculative fiction short stories, When the World Wounds. In this eagerly-awaited collection, Kiini Ibura Salaam continues her exploration of the dark, the sensual, and the mysterious with fiction that disturbs, delights, and dazzles. The five stories and one novella collected in When the World Wounds examine the tumultuous nature of the human condition through such wild imaginings as sensual encounters with deer, escapism in a dystopian prison, and volcano women. In “The Taming,” a lupine creature is trapped by beasts whose nefarious nature is beyond their prey’s understanding. In “Hemmie’s Calenture,” a woman escaping enslavement is thrust into a war between gods. “The Pull of the Wing” is the prequel to Salaam’s wildly popular "Of Wings, Nectar, and Ancestors" trilogy. “Because of the Bone Man” transports readers to the desolate landscape of post-Katrina New Orleans and the struggle of the city’s culture bearers to carry on. A welcome follow-up to Salaam’s award-winning Ancient, AncientWhen the World Wounds is perceptive and engaging as it examines our world’s callous and perilous landscapes while tickling the imagination and startling the senses.

    Street Date November 1 // AVAILABLE NOW!

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  • My Dinner With Ron Jeremy TMB010 ISBN978-0-9913361-4-2

    "More than anything, DeColo's fearless new poems grapple with the complicated here and now, full of, as she writes, 'a tenderness that wrecks me.'"—Keetje Kuipers, Author of The Keys to the Jail

    "The poems in Kendra DeColo’s extraordinary second collection, My Dinner With Ron Jeremy, live in the sinuous space between want and propriety, fantasy and the 'Must Be 18’ button.”—Adrian Matejka, Author of The Big Smoke, a 2014 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.


    Third Man Books is ready to take sides, and we’re choosing Nashville poet Kendra DeColo. Her new book, My Dinner With Ron Jeremy, is unlike any other in its vulnerability and absolute fearlessness. Described by some as “erotica for feminists,” and “enemy to family values,” DeColo’s poems convulse with desire and a longing for connection. Her work speaks to the particular loneliness of watching Fox News after you’ve masturbated too many times, depleted and filled with fascination and terror. Balancing tenderness with ferocity, cynicism with wonder, DeColo’s poems disrupt and reclaim misogynistic language, creating a lyricism that dazzles and swoons, hoping to leave a stain deep enough to last. As DeColo says, “I wrote this book during my pregnancy, while watching the Republican nomination unfold. I wrote it for my 14-year-old self, smoking Parliaments and reading Anais Nin on the floor at a Violent Femmes show. I wrote it for the 27-year-old me who got sober. Most of all, I wrote it to combat the reductionist and nihilist vision of certain politicians that seeks to numb and disempower us through the corruption of language. I hope that my poems go out into the world swinging both fists, ready to take on this demagoguery and twist it into something profane and beautiful.” Third Man Books is ready to send those poems out to fight. We’ll be swinging both fists, kicking both feet, and using our teeth to put these very important, beautiful poems of self and the political out into the world.

    Praise and articles about My Dinner With Ron Jeremy:

    * "Marvelous poetry … poems that would make great feature films.”—Ron Jeremy, Actor


    * A review at The Nashville Scene.
    "Sex-positive feminist verse... DeColo manages to coax beauty and meaning from the absurd aching morass of human existence. It’s not every writer who can emerge from these corners with anything approaching grace, much less deft and bracing poems such as these."—The Nashville Scene

    * An interview with Bitch Magazine.
    "[DeColo's] work is ferocious and tender, demolishing patriarchal language and using the fragments to build riotous new worlds."—Bitch Magazine

    * An essay at VIDA:Women in Literary Arts
    “...my book is neither pro- nor anti- pornography. Rather, it uses pornography as a starting point to talk about sexuality, agency, and identity; the poems about pornography set adjacent to poems about motherhood, coming of age, and politics.” —Kendra DeColo

    * A soundtrack for the book at Large Hearted Boy.
    "My Dinner with Ron Jeremy is engaged in perpetual conversation with music and the refuge of fandom. It's a coming-of-age book as well as a book about motherhood; a bridge of recovery and reckoning connecting the themes. . . .The book is a mix-tape I made for my 14-year-old self, proof that she would grow up to be someone who doesn't apologize for who she is, especially her love of pop music."—Kendra DeColo

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  • TOTAL CHAOS: The Story of The Stooges / As Told By Iggy Pop TMB013 ISBN978-0-9913361-9-7

    See an 
    excerpt from TOTAL CHAOS as featured in Rolling Stone

    "Gasp at the awe-inspiring memorabilia and frank talk in Total Chaos…remarkable" —Mojo Magazine

    "Chaos Reigns: Iggy Pop Spills His Guts in This Definitive Stooges Book"—Noisey

    Iggy Pop’s leather jacket and biker boot clad, fuck-the-world nonchalance belies the obsessive, meticulous genius that bolstered the punk rocker to international acclaim as one of the first- and best- to spit squarely in the eye of the mainstream and live to tell the tale.” —Elmore Magazine

    “TOTAL CHAOS is phenomenal—a must-have for all fans of the group.”—Dangerous Minds

    Third Man Books is excited to announce one of the most anticipated books of the year about one of the most influential bands of all time...The Stooges. TOTAL CHAOS: The Story of The Stooges / As Told by Iggy Pop is the first time the story of this seminal band has been told entirely in Pop's own words.

    Author Jeff Gold and contributor Johan Kugelberg, noted music historians and collectors, spent two days with Pop at his Miami home, sharing with him their extensive Stooges collection and interviewing the legendary singer. Pop's candid, bare-all responses left them with the almost unbelievable tale of the band he founded-the alternately tragic and triumphant story of a group who rose from youth, fell prey to drugs, alcohol, and music biz realities, collapsed and nearly 30 years later reformed, recording and touring to great acclaim. In 2010 The Stooges, credited with having invented punk rock, were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Their continuing influence can be felt today in the shape and sound of rock-n-roll music. 

    Jeff Gold, Johan Kugelberg and editor/contributor Jon Savage are among the most respected music authors and historians working today. Their efforts include numerous acclaimed and best-selling books and a Grammy Award. TOTAL CHAOS stands as a work for all fans of the band and rock music to draw inspiration. Including an absolute treasure-trove of rare and unseen photographs, TOTAL CHAOS is a book that shows AND tells the story of The Stooges. A metallic k.o. of only the best kind. 

    "It was a rare privilege to sit with Iggy as he downloaded the story of The Stooges. He's an incredible storyteller with a fantastic memory and a great sense of humor, and he held nothing back. The Stooges were pioneers in sound, look, and live presentation, and along the way invented a genre-punk rock-and influenced countless others that followed. There was no precedent in rock music for what they did. They're definitely the only group in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who started out playing an amplified Waring blender, a vacuum cleaner, spring water bottles and a 200 gallon oil drum." - Jeff Gold, Author of 101 Essential Rock Records

    "Iggy and The Stooges have to be one of the greatest American rock bands that has ever been." - Joan Jett

    "What does it mean to be Iggy Pop, five decades of being 'the wildest man in rock'? Iggy Pop is many things. Rock Star. Singer, Rebel. Primitive. Stooge. The Jean Genie, Passenger. Legend."- Johnny Marr

    Iggy Pop has turned the interview into an art form. In this book he tells the history of The Stooges with a mixture of wit, candor and spontaneity: from their early beginnings to their full flaming flare over three groundbreaking albums before the crash and the triumphant return that no-one could have predicted. Profusely illustrated with dozens of unseen images, this is the story of The Stooges like you've never read it before. - Jon Savage, Author of England's Dreaming.


    Ben Blackwell

    Dave Grohl

    Josh Homme

    Joan Jett

    Johnny Marr

    Jack White

    & more. 


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  • Life Is A Rip-Off: The Complete Book TMB009 ISBN978-0-9964016-0-9

    LIFE IS A RIP OFF: THE COMPLETE BOOK is 404 pages and 12 months of record reviews—one record a day, every day, for one year. Yes, John “Inzane" Olson aka Inzane Johnny of Wolf Eyes aka American Tapes did that. And he reviewed everything from death metal demo cassettes to the Staples Singers' gospel. Enter into the OLZONE and find out about music you've never known, bands from places that you've never heard, and then read his review of KANSAS. Reading LRIP will make you re-realize why blues is relevant, why every punk band in America matters, why jazz is good for the heart, and metal will always ride by your side.

    "To write music op-ed this good, you have to tap the primordial sap sack, to butterfly stroke the ancient ooze of tune begatment, cave dwell with the knuckle draggers, scratch symbols into the dirt with the freaks and make it rain. He do and it did."—Henry Rollins

    "[Life is a Rip Off] is the best way [John Olson] can add another cubist layer to the sound and visuality he’s already presented for the last twenty or so years. He’s sharing something the people who don’t know him personally don’t get enough of—his textual, syntactical brain, stained as it is with dollar-store spray paint."— Ben Hell Hall, Detroit artist.

    "When John agreed to write a record review a day, back in 20xx, I wasn’t too keen on the idea. Not because I didn’t think he could do it - but that I knew he would do it, even if it became a years-long all-encompassing obsessive task."—Tovah Olson, The Dead Machines.

    "[John Olson] didn’t just introduce me to different worlds, the man introduced me to entire universes."—Bryan Ramirez, Killertrees Records

    Wolf Eyes . . . sounds like a crumbling Velvet Underground bootleg that's been burned to ashes.—NPR, Sept 2015

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  • Life Is A Rip-Off: The Zine Part Two TMB008


    Life is a Rip Off Part Two is the second installment of record reviews coming at you from the Olzone courtesy of Wolf EyesJohn “Inzane" Olson aka Inzane Johnny aka American Tapes. Eventually to be a full length book, Part TWO is the next and FINAL three month installment before the complete book (it's going to be all perfect-bound and sold at bookstores) covering all twelve months is published. But LRIP2 is more zine than book. It's handmade. It's hand-stamped. It comes in a manilla envelope. If you're wondering which Staples Singers record might be for you or what they mean to Mr. Olson, look no further. As Olson says himself, Who’d a thunk that a nuclear-soul diving flaming kamikaze Nuclear Warhead Bomb would have been constructed via the Sunday Morning shadows of Chicago via 1948 from “Pops” Roebuck and his three children????. Or what about all those punk rock, hip-hop, and metal demo tapes that you may have missed like Mantas : 'Mantas Want You to Die!' exclaims the deathzombie evil creature from the old advert inside. HELL YEAH they do. Seeing how this demo beast is a hand full of years before the mighty Repulsion I’d say that this rancid rotting lofi flesh shredder is just GROUND ZERO for US death metal. The evil gnarled twisted kind that just went on . . . LRIP2 is the place to go for tapers, demo-heads, metal-heads, punkers, rockers, rastas, hippies, jazzers, and anyone else who wants to learn more about music, discover new music, and take a peak into the layer of the Olzone.

    LRIP2 is currently only available for Top Secret excursions, dance parties, and headbangers.

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  • Life Is A Rip-Off: The Zine Part One TMB007


    Life is a Rip Off Part One is a collection of record reviews by the one, the only, thee John “Inzane" Olson aka Inzane Johnny aka American Tapes aka 1/3 of the band Wolf EyesPart One is the first three month installment of Life is a Rip Off: The Complete Book. Handmade at TMR and limited edition, LRIP Part 1 is written in Olson's inimitable slash 'n' dash slanguage: anecdotal, immediate, reasonable and totally baller. How does the disturbing-on-many-levels movie Human Centipede compare to the broken blues of Big Bill Broonzy? Or why (or why not) should the demo tape from SMOKE COKE, "the mysterious Illinois underground troupe with some seriously illogical basement moves," be in your collection, too? Or, dammit, why do we all love music!! Check out LRIP1 to re-discover your love for an old favorite, or maybe to discover a new group that could earn the right to become a new old favorite. Ninety-six pages and assembled in Nashville at TMR HQ, LRIP1 is more zine than book and will be limited to an edition of 250 and available only from Third Man.

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