• The Art of Don Shull: Whirligigs, Carvings & Masks TMB022978-0-9964016-6-1


    Art needs to be a species of the carnivalesque—an appeal to simple wonder. And thankfully, wonderfully, here we go.

    — Nashville Arts 

    Inspired by folk art and the world around him, Shull’s carvings and whirligigs put an unusual, humorous spin on everyday people doing everyday things . . . 

    The Tennesseean

    The full color art book Don Shull: Whirligigs and Carvings & Masks, published in collaboration, with Elephant Gallery presents a collection of Shull’s sculptures that spans 25 years, including 35 whirligigs, around 90 carved figures, 10 paper-mache animal heads, and one large-scale praying mantis riding a full-sized bicycle. The Elephant Gallery hosted an exhibition marking the first time his work has been gathered together and put on display in one place. Elephant Gallery & Third Man Books worked together to create this monograph book to document Shull's work from 1992-1995. 


    Don Shull was born in a barn in Mt. Pulaski, Illinois, in 1934. He grew up on a farm and after graduating high school in 1952, he took a job in Lincoln, Illinois delivering furniture. He met his wife Sandy and they eloped on July 14th 1954, the hottest day in Illinois history. They started a family, raising four children.

    Around 1990, Don and Sandy began collecting folk art while traveling from Illinois to visit their son Randy in North Carolina. Don was suddenly compelled to connect his mechanical skill with his imagination and sense of humour in his own work. He set up a wood shop in the garage and and started “puttering,” as his wife calls it. From 1992-1995, he became obsessed with whirligigs. These mechanical wind-powered sculptures are, together, a self-portrait of Don Shull. He made them alone, for himself and from himself. He carved and animated his daily tasks, his hobbies, his natural environment and his absurd and beautiful take on the world around him.

    In the late 1990s, the whirligigs were put away in the attic as Don immersed himself in making more detailed figurative carvings—a body of work that continues to this day. Typically made of basswood, most of these are hollow, functional coin banks with creative slots. Don has carved runners, workers, nude women, and seated men passing gas. Famous faces including Albert Einstein, the Obamas, and Paris Hilton make carved appearances.


    You can purchase your copy of the limited release here.

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  • The Terraformers TMB020C ISBN 978-0-9964016-8-5


    The second title in Third Man Books "C" chapbook series, Dan Hoy’s latest collection of poetry chronicles the last days of an expedition stranded on a desolate planet and beset by depression, sabotage and failing equipment. In The Terraformers, human life is mediated by domes and pressure suits, and the history of human beings is buried in ecocide, oppression and longing for the infinite, even if (or because) “the infinite / is death for us.”

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  • VANTABLACK TMB019C ISBN 978-0 -9974578-0-3


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    What is VANTABLACK? It is Ciona Rouse’s first collection of poems and Third Man Books debut title in the publisher’s new chapbook — think 10" EP as a music analogy — “C" series.  It is Rouse’s quiet music played within the language of her poems waiting to scream. It is the music of place, race, sexuality, home, growing up, being grown. It is everything in the life of a word.

    Ciona Rouse is a staple in Nashville's literary scene (you may remember her from our joint event at OZ Arts for International Women's Day) and we could not be more proud to have her as our pioneer chapbook author. Rouse's debut poetry collection features 17 poems that are thought-provoking—they shake and wake readers and aren't afraid to dive into the deep and dark that is encompassed by the word Vantablack. These limited edition (only 350 made) chapbooks will include a special audio flexi disc postcard of Rouse reading her powerful poem, "On the Sidewalk of Troy, TN, 1904."




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  • We're Going to Be Friends TMB017 ISBN 9780996401692


    "Possibly the greatest-ever song about childhood BFFs.” — Entertainment Weekly

    "We're Going to be Friends" is one of The White Stripes most enduring and loved songs. With the help of illustrator Elinor Blake (aka April March), the perennial favorite feels right at home on the page as a hardcover children's book. Coming this November, children, adults, and you, too, can join Suzy Lee as she goes to school with her books and pens, looks for bugs, shows and tells, and finds a friend.

    • WE’RE GOING TO BE FRIENDS, a new children’s book based on song lyrics from one of the most loved and recognizable songs by THE WHITE STRIPES.

     WE’RE GOING TO BE FRIENDS is the first book by twelve-time Grammy winning musician, actor, and producer JACK WHITE.

    • Illustrator ELINOR BLAKE was an animator for The Ren and Stimpy ShowPee-wee’s Playhouse & more. As a musician, she is known as singer APRIL MARCH, who’s song "Chick Habit" was featured in Quentin Tarantino’s movie Death Proof.

     The original White Stripes song along with new versions by April March and also The Woodstation Elementary School Singers will be included via download with the book.

     WE'RE GOING TO BE FRIENDS will be vailable at pre-release events and limited distribution beginning in early November — including pre-orders from Third Man — and on all bookshelves for nationwide release on November 21, just a few months after THE WHITE STRIPES 20th anniversary as a band (July 14, 2017).

    "In my favorite picture books text and art feel like they were conceived as one. This book has that quality. The text is the lyrics from the wonderful, now classic song "We're Going To Be Friends" by Jack White. In place of sound and music we have Elinor Blake's pictures. These images surprise and delight and have a genuine and rare timelessness, I can easily visualize this charming creation sitting snug between books by Robert McCloskey and Garth Williams on any bookshelf both past and present."   — Tony Fucile, Animator, Finding NemoThe Lion King 

    "I am a big fan of classic children’s book illustrations and an even bigger fan of Elinor Blake. I’m also a huge fan of pure Rock and Roll so naturally I’m a dedicated Jack White fan. Jack has written a perfect story and Elinor’s art is enchanting. It harkens back to 1940s Golden Books. Read it while listening to either Jack or Elinor sing the story. It’s a sonic/optic treat.” — John Kricfalusi, The Ren and Stimpy Show — John Kricfalusi, The Ren & Stimpy Show

    "It’s back to school! Walk with Suzy Lee and her new friend. In hues of red, black and white with nods to classic animation and mid-century picture books, Elinor Blake creates an enchanted vision for Jack White’s gentle story of new friendship.”—Nina Crews, The Neighborhood Mother Goose


    About the Author and Illustrator 

    JackWhitebyJoMcCaughey 2

    +   +   +

    Jack White is a twelve-time Grammy-winning musician, producer, and actor. He is best known for his work in the bands The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, and as a solo artist. In 2009 he also founded his own record label, Third Man Records.

    Elinor Blake by Chantal Anderson2

    +   +   +

    Elinor Blake, a.k.a. singer/songwriter April March, is a Disney trained animator first hired at age eighteen by Paul Reubens for Pee Wee's Playhouse, in a studio so large there was rollerskating around the drawing boards after hours. She then went on to work with some of the best known artists and directors in movies and television, among them Ralph Bakshi, Quentin Tarantino, Nick Park, and John Kricfalusi.  She's animated everything from Coke to Crest Toothpaste and everyone from Ren & Stimpy to Bugs Bunny, not to mention Frank Zappa (whom she just mentioned). This is her first children's book.

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  • The Blue Series Book: The Story Behind the Color, Volume One TMB016 ISBN 9780996401647

     As featured on The Beats 1 broadcast: listen to Blue Series producer, Jack White, the book's author/editor, Ben Blackwell, and Third Man Books chief editor, Chet Weise, in conversation about the Blue Series book!


    I love great books about records: ripping yarns about everything that happened on the way to my stereo, with no minutiae too small to matter. The Blue Series: The Story Behind the Color is the tale, in depth, behind every Blue single. – David Fricke, Rolling Stone

    The Blue Series: The Story Behind the Color, Volume One standard edition is now available for pre-order from Third Man Books. The standard edition is 282 pages of behind-the-scenes stories, information, and interviews about the Blue Series singles. This hardcover book also includes a 7" of unreleased Blue Series session songs by First Aid Kit and Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers) on black vinyl manufactured at Third Man Pressing, a ten song sampler of Blue Series music curated by the book's editor Ben Blackwell, Foreword by award-winning Rolling Stone music journalist David Fricke, and exclusive interviews with Beck, Courtney Barnett, Stepehn Colbert, Insane Clown Posse, Wanda Jackson, Kate Pierson, Dexter Romweber, Jack White, Dwight Yoakam, and more.

    As the brainchild of Jack White, the Blue Series started in tandem with Third Man Records, White’s Nashville-based record label founded in 2009. Built on the simple premise of 7” 45rpm singles all recorded in the same studio, with the same producer (White), with photos taken in the same locale (Third Man Records’ onsite Blue Room) and manufactured at the same pressing plant (United Record Pressing), a stone’s throw from TMR’s offices) the resultant 40 singles impressively run the gamut of artists and styles. Whether it’s the wildly popular like Beck, the classic veteran Tom Jones, the character Stephen Colbert, the polarizing Insane Clown Posse, or previously unknown performers making their debut releases, the Blue Series is the perfect snapshot of what Third Man, and by extension Jack White, have focused on and championed for the past seven years.

    The Standard Edition will be available at a bookstore near you on June 6.

     ben and jo.jpg

    Blue Series Photographer Jo McCaughey and Editor Ben Blackwell


     * Includes extensive interview with Jack White covering the span of the Series, musicians involved, recording techniques, and the direct influence of the Series on his own career.


    * Interviewees include Stephen Colbert, Dwight Yoakam, Courtney Barnett, Kate Pierson, Wanda Jackson, Insane Clown Posse, First Aid Kit, Mildred and the Mice, Dex Romweber, Lillie Mae, Ruby Amanfu and more Blue Series artists.


     * In these exclusive interviews, artists describe their Blue Series recording experience in a behind-the-scenes look at their own creative process and the creative process of producer Jack White. The immediacy of the recordings and unusual circumstances create stories rife with insight and interesting moments.


     * Features unseen photos of the artists, including Jack White, plus an interview with principle photographer Jo McCaughey.


     * A sample playlist of Blue Series songs  curated by editor Ben Blackwell will be included via download card.


     * Foreword written by David Fricke, who is one of the most recognizable names in music  journalism. Mr. Fricke witnessed the Dungen Blue Series session and is the only journalist who has been in the studio during one of the recordings.


     * Preface by TMR co-founder Ben Blackwell. The book also features contributions from TMR co-founder, Consigliere Ben Swank, long-time TMR Queen of Hearts Bonnie Bowden, and TMB editor Chet Weise.


    * Over 100,000 copies of Blue Series 7" vinyl singles have been sold with digital streams and downloads combined actual consumption is over 1 million


    * Artists covered in the book include best sellers such as Beck, Tom Jones, Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes), and others.


    * Grammy winning and multi-platinum musician Jack White produced every session.

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  • mary wants to be a superwoman TMB015 ISBN 978-0-9964016-1-6


    "People still sing goddamn it. Praise be to erica lewis." 

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    Third Man Books is very happy to release erica lewis' new book of poems mary wants to be a superwoman. The notes are letters, the sounds are words, the rhythm in the breaks, the book is playing music on the page, it's right next to our turntable, Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder shaking the room. Wonder plays a part in every poem, but he sits in the background, providing the groove with his keys, the lead is taken by lewis's mother, mary, and lewis' family, her friends, fellow poets, the world around her, all the struggles and triumphs, all in the key of life.

    Being of black, Native American, and white descent, poet erica lewis’ mary wants to be a superwoman recounts her family’s history, their voices within that history — especially the women on her mother’s side — and her friends’ complex history with race, gender, and class in America, what it means to live with your own history, dealing with a history that has been passed down, and how to move on from that history and its implications.

    It is lewis’ take on revising the confessional while taking inspiration from her family’s own oral history. Each poem is also framed by phrases from the lyrics of Stevie Wonder’s Motown records, but the poems are not “about” the actual songs, but what is triggered when listening to or thinking about the music. What happens when you take something like a pop song and turn it in on itself, give it a different frame of reference, juxtapose the work against itself, against other pop music, and bring it into the present. mary wants to be a superwoman is the second book of the box-set trilogy; daryl hall is my boyfriend (Barrelhouse, 2015) is the first.



    praise for erica lewis:

    erica lewis' poems map the relationships among music, memory, place, and the passage of time . . . . By intertwining the public and the personal, Lewis's poems become a membrane through which pop culture permeates the most intimate experiences of selfhood — Publisher's Weekly

    Every word is held accountable and must carry a sort of gravitas. For all the white space and sparse lines, what remains in the gaps after all the excess has been chipped away is striking. lewis manages to strip language down not to its bare bones, but the particulate marrow contained therein. — The Rumpus

    mary wants to be a superwoman is a tapestry of woven continuums. Its images contain a methodical new naturalism where one’s past is the frontier, alternating with the brutal urgency of a witness who would save your life. erica lewis’ poems investigate the practice of identity and the sums of nonlinear biographies. Like a relaxed musician, she has the small secrets of the day at her fingertips. —Tongo Eisen-Martin, author of Someone’s Dead Already

    This book made me suck my teeth and say goddamn, and yes, and thank you. This book hit me right in the ancestors, spoke to me like a sister. erica lewis is aware that time is fiction, in a way that only black women know. A collage of music and memories, language that's lived before, people we carry and people we try to forget, causes and effects, the proverb that "everything is everything." This work is both archival and built from scratch. It's a stunning altar to the past, a balm for the present, and a prayer for what will be . — Morgan Parker, author of Other People’s Comfort Keeps Me Up At Night

    This is what it sounds like when a sparrow sings Stevie Wonder, when it casts a lariat around your wits, when it wears all its shit at once, grinds and prays and dances in the overdub till the rain falls upward, being the blues itself, being gospel sung straight into the mouth of the sun, a thrall to love in three-four time. — Julian Brolaski, author of Advice for Others 

    Open this book and hear the needle drop on the vinyl, the soft crackling surrounding lewis' voice sing her stitched song of longing, love, & pain, heavily sampled with old soul, voiceless ghosts, and the disquieting hum of her living history and ancestors:  “we are beautiful and powerful / some things i know for sure / the story of our love / the place i want to take you / after midnight / when the train comes i will hold you / to find my way back home.” From poem to poem, lewis lyrically invents a new music to survive the present with its “blue notes that didn't exist before,” and reckon with the past: whiskey and jewels, friendship and fucking, “old blues to cover the new blues.” Like a dream turned inside-out, mary wants to be a superwoman is vivid, raw, and real, and will make you wanna cry and sing: “when the sky / is pink / with history / and yes / we will set sail / and smoke out / desperate fires / with these wings / and endless rain.” People still sing goddamn it. Praise be to erica lewis. — Sampson Starkweather, author of PAIN: The Board Game



    ***This book is eligible for the book club bundle and the 3 for $30 bundle***

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